IT systems and networks

What we offer is a comprehensive range of managed services, technical IT support, and other services. Our flexible packaging allows you to select multiple services or just one you need. Our offers the highest quality and reliability, certified technical experts, the most effective tools to manage your IT, and personalized service. We offer complite network design, implementation, testing and maintaince service according to latest ISO IT standards. What we do provide is high-level solutions, similar to what major corporations use, but scaled to the needs of small and mid-sized business. In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a lot on which you need to focus. Kolektiv is your assurance for IT peace of mind. We can help move existing IT infrastructure to a new facility, or help plan and manage new IT infrastructure deployments.

WEB development

The world of web development is constantly changing. Last year’s breakthrough design ideas are old news today. Kolektiv team stays on top of the latest trends by providing free access to education and other resources for our developers. Web development is an art that combines creative talent and programming knowledge. We understand that different industries require different development approaches, and we will work with you to create the look that’s best for your business. When you choose Kolektiv to build the concept and design your website, here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Ideas behind every design

    Before our designers proceed to the sketches the concept is carefully crafted and enhanced with ideas from the whole team.

  • Exclusive design

    The design of your site is a piece of art and a collaboration between your marketing department and our designers. 100% design satisfaction is our target.

  • Meeting all standards

    Your website will look and work great in all major browsers and mobile devices.

  • Latest technology and methods

    Kolektiv design utilizes only the latest and greatest tools to achieve the design concept.

Hosting service

Kolektiv offers hosting services for our clients. Unlimited number of domains, e-mail user accounts, PHP and MySql data bases and simple management of user accounts. Shared hosting is a very economical and flexible Web Solution for small and medium companies and personal web locations. Web pages will be protected with safe servers, world class infrastructure and certified system administrators. Our goal is to offer our clients a fully functional hosting package, including customer support. Our services can be accustomed to our clients, wheter it's a single user, or smaller or big company. Characteristics and advantages of our hosting services include:

  • Faster WEB hosting

    Everything we do, we do it fast and efficiently. From fast web servers to fast online support. Your web hosting is ready in just a few minutes.

  • WordPress and other aplications

    Want to use WordPress, or maybe Joomla?! Any of the applications you can install very simply by using available tools.

  • Reliable hosting platform

    We manage our hosting servers and constantly monitor them via internal and external serveilance systems in order of acheiveing optimal perforances.

  • Unlimited disk space and customer support

    Kolektiv also, other than unlimited disk space, offers you customer support 24/7. If in need of help just contact our Live support and your problem will be fixed shortly.

Applications development

Software development is what we professionally do for many years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We have experience with working with broad range of customers, from individuals to some of the largest companies on our market. Our primary areas of expertise are: custom development of Windows applications, distributed, multi-tier, client/server solutions; development of SMS/GPRS applications, WAP applications. Design and development of corporate and complex information portals, web sites, ecommerce systems, predefined and also custom enterprice resource planning systems, document managament systems, financial applications and more.

Graphic design

We provide a complete range of affordable graphic design, website design, and advertising services. Our focus is the effect your presentation has on your visitors and the User Experience, pulling you ahead of the competition. Designing an effective graphic is one of the most important steps in creating a visual brand for your business. We can create unique, custom graphics that fit your needs precisely, and that belong exclusively to you. We offer various design services like:

  • Web design

  • Brand and identity design

  • Print materials design

  • Publications design

  • Products design

  • Packaging design

  • Print materials design

  • Illustrations design

SEO optimization

Whether you are a small, medium or large company we have prepared for you SEO package that will increase the number of visitors to your web portal, and improve your position in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for keywords related to your business and your business name, increase revenue and beat your competition. Optimization can be carried out for all the world's languages chosen by the client. Basic SEO optimization services consist of the following:

  • Define keywords

  • Research competition

  • Research keywords for your market or target group

  • Complete web portal analysis

  • Development of SEO plan and agreeing with the client

  • Optimize web portal with the necessary changes in design and code

  • Promotion and connect with social media

  • Sustained campaign of building links and site indexing

Internet marketing

Advertising through media such as the Internet has many advantages over conventional advertising through electronic or print media. The main advantage is a much lower price, as well as the ability to accurately select the desired target groups (market segmentation and target groups for advertising) and easily measurable level of return on investment. We offer specialized services advertising campaign through Internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...), email campaigns using specialised tools, as well as advertising campaigns through social networks (Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin...). Basic Internet advertising services consist of the following:

  • Defining the needs and wishes of the client

  • The choice of media to conduct advertising campaigns via Internet

  • Optimize web portal with the necessary changes in design and code

  • Advertising in the states of your choice

  • Advertising on specific demographics

  • Advertising in multimedia ad formats

  • Advertising at major portals in the country of your choice

  • Analysis of performance and report on advertising campaign

IT systems monitoring

The Internet brings many potential problems if not properly monitored. Viruses, omissions, or prohibited access to undesirable sites, information leakage, phishing and social engineering, reducing productivity... IT monitoring system aims to monitor the work, performance and proactive monitoring of system components in order to reduce the frequency of the unavailability of IT systems by actively and proactively detect events that may threaten the operational work of the IT system. IT service monitoring system is designed for organizations that are not ready to invest in their own resources. Proactive surveillance, monitoring and improving efficiency of the system helps to optimize the performance and availability of IT infrastructure and cost control equipment, applications and workforce. More info

Security audits

An information security audit is an audit on the level of information security in an organization. Within the broad scope of auditing information security there are multiple types of audits, multiple objectives for different audits, etc. Most commonly the controls being audited can be categorized to technical, physical and administrative. Kolektiv IT audits combines tests of all attack vectors of cybercrime within our offered services. Unlike most other IT security companies, we are specially focused on vulnerable areas or persons. We also have the know-how knowledge and the necessary professional tools to automate the analysis of large networks within a common penetration test by using defined standards. Every audit or test come with detailed report and tutorials how to fix it. More info

3D product catalogues

We also offer 3D presentation making of your products. Example

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