IT systems monitoring

Using the Internet in daily business for our customers today is necessary and inevitable. As well as bringing a number of benefits, access to the Internet brings many potential problems if not properly monitored, viruses, omissions, or prohibited access to undesirable sites, information leakage, phishing and social engineering, reducing productivity... IT monitoring system aims to monitor the work, performance and proactive monitoring of system components in order to recognition failures and reducing the frequency of the unavailability of IT systems by actively and proactively detect events that may threaten the operational work of the IT system. IT service monitoring system designed for organizations of any reason are not ready to invest in their own resources and are aware of the importance of continuing and professional supervision. Proactive surveillance, monitoring and improving efficiency of the system helps to optimize the performance and availability of IT infrastructure and cost control equipment, applications and workforce.


  • Working stations uptime and performance monitoring (Windows and Linux OSs, memory, HDDs, applications, proceses...)

  • Server uptime and performance monitoring (Windows and Linux OSs, Apache, Tomcat, MS ISS, Ngnix...)

  • Monitoring performances of the network equipment (routers, switches, printers...)

  • System and business applications uptime and performance monitoring (MS Active directory, MS Exchange, MS Share point, Hyper-V...)

  • Email servers and clients uptime and performance monitoring (Windows and Linux OSs)

  • Databases uptime and performance monitoring (MS SQL, MySQL...)

  • Monitoring of updates and automatic update of system and business applications

  • HTTP traffic monitoring (usage, visited WEB...)

  • Other custom services on client requst (monitoring based on specific client request)

  • Protocols monitoring SNMP, PING, TCP, UDP, DNS, ICMP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSH, SOAP, SIP (VoIP) and many others

Monitoring of system is set up in the "cloud" so that it can be accessed from any location that is connected to the Internet and from any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone). On the picture below you can see the diagram for the oversight of the server and key indicators (KPI) for processes such as CPU, ping, DNS and consumption of memory.

It is also possible to monitor system events on Windows and Linux servers like is is shown below.

Business benefits

Our monitoring system will bring many business benefits and enable your IT system to work without interruption and downtimes. Besides using the collective monitoring system brings financial savings in the business, and the possibility of rapid preventive action. The most important benefits are listed below.

  • Cost savings for service intervention

  • Reduction of operating losses due to lower incidence of falls System

  • Faster recovery in case of failure

  • No investment in own resources (applications, IT administrators, ...)

  • Integration into any existing IT system using API functions


All monitoring packages are accompanied by standard or specialized reports. Reports are generated in PDF format, but may be in a different format depending on the needs of the client. Reporting can be integrated in the existing reporting system using the client API functions.

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